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Riki Mobile Miyama

design Riki Watanabe [1983]

3-Piece JPY12,000
4-Piece JPY14,000
3-Piece W.600 H345mm
4-Piece W.660 H.400mm
Piece W.480 D.13 H55mm
Length of wire from ceiling to the body: 1m
Solid Cedar of Akita (Oil Finish)
Nylon String
METROCS (made in Japan)

This mobile was originally designed for "Miyama" a Japanese restaurant in Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel. The design depicts a shoal of fishes are swimming in the water, and we can feel Watanabe's playful mind from this products.
For decorating living spaces, it was resized in compact size using pure cedar that has very good sent and beautiful wood grain.


  • 3-Piece


  • 4-Piece


About Wood Grain
As the products are made of natural wood, there are individual differences of the grain pattern.

  • Riki Watanabe

    After having graduated from the Woodcraft Department at Tokyo Higher School of Arts and Design (nowadays: Chiba University), he joined Gunma Prefecture Industrial Arts Center where Bruno Taut was working in 1936. In 1949, Watanabe established his own designing studio. He got famous by the low-cost String Chair in 1952. Watanabe's Torii Stool and Circular Center Table won the Gold Medal at Triennale di Milano in 1957. Besides interior and furniture design, Watanabe has also designed clocks and watches. His 1972 design, Hibiya Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company's pole clock is defined as one of Watanabe's major works. Watanabe is considered to be one of the pioneers of after-war Japanese design.