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GOM Coaster

Masayuki Kurokawa [1981]

JPY 456 [set of 2]
Diam.80 H.5mm
Synthetic Rubber
GOM (made in Japan)

These rubber coasters come in a pair of either triangular or hexagonal pattern. Their roundly cut-out surfaces have been designed with both concave and convex dots. As well as the design, that makes the coaster non-slip and catches water drops from a glass.
GOM is the innovative desktop items, designed by the architect Masayuki Kurokawa in 1970s-1990s, combine stainless steel with rubber, a material that had yet only been used in industrial applications. They have remained popular for more than 40, and the series have been chosen for the permanent collection of MoMA.


  • CTP / Triangle


  • CHP / Hexagon


  • Masayuki Kurokawa

    Graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology and doctoral programs at Faculty of science and Engineering, Waseda University, he is an architect and also taking a position to consider architecture, product design & interior design in a comprehensive way. GOM series which is used the rubber material is known as one of his representative work.